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We help you build strong and recurring relationships with
your clients

6 years raising customer service
managers from Barcelona.

Our Formula

customer + technology = Customer Intelligence

We focus on empowering human teams and tech platforms with good training and modern customer service tools. Since we were born we support intelligence (not just artificial) by creating automations, self-service or comfortable channels for your clients.

Customer service is a profit generator, not an expense. We call everything related to our objective Customer Intelligence.

Everyone else: What do they offer?


Not interested in empowering their operators nor interested in tech. Their ONLY value proposition is price & Offshore.


They create a brand and attracts customers but they are not interested in how those customers are supported.


We see lower performance levels as their agents are not empowered. They have limited knowledge of cutting-edge technological tools.

How to loose a client?

Slow Responses

Brands have to be available to the maximum. The customer has to be served when and where they want and in comfortable conversational channels.

Not listening to the client

The valuable data is what the client says, with that intelligence we can build loyalty and induce other purchases. If we know him in advance we’ll be successful.

Poorly trained service

Support team is now a sales-focused department. Poorly trained operators will lead to a bad impression and a waste a good sales channel.

“Intelligence yes, but

not artificial.”

The 3 T of Customer Intelligence

Team + Tech + School

Customer service outsourcing:

Flexible and pay per use according to sales. Operators with superpowers make the difference. Difficult time shifts and languages ​​tailored to the client and according to their needs.

Tech as the center of the relationship:

Cutting-edge technological solutions.
A technical layer of intelligence that improves and suggests the answers and conversational channels and self-service centers.

Agent Training School:

We always bet on local talent.
Training is the only way to outperform what other agents does.
Platforms and AI to optimize our agents’ relationships with clients.

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