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Do you still have doubts and are not ready to contact us just yet? Here's a summary of the frequently asked questions brands make when they contact us.

What our clients value

Account manager: We assign a dedicated member of our team to help along the whole setup process. They will be the reference point for all the training and your brand's updates during your time with us.

SAAS platform: We can develop your platform ad hoc, or provide you with one of our shared licences so the acquisition time is faster or just so you can try it out for a while.

School sessions: First we explain how the Customer Service market is doing, then we train in Support excellence and after that we showcase our method learnt and developed during these past 6 years. Our people are already trained, what about yours?
Champions of customer service
AI & Tech Empowered Human Teams
We can teach you how to do it
How long for the service to be Online?
The training and service setup usually can take up to 10 days, platforms and technology could take slightly longer.
What makes us different?
The level of digitalisation of our whole team as well as our pay per use system. Our goal isn't to charge you for 30 agents, it's to manage your brand with fewer agents with superpowers.
Is it suitable for any project?
We adapt to any e-commerce, app or digital service that needs modern, omnichannel and analytical support and attention.
How much will it cost?
To get an indicative budget, send us the data of your channels, rhythms and average times and platforms used, we will return it to you in less than 24 hours.
What is "variable"?
We quantify the services according to each channel and effort, that way we can "quantify" any action that you want us to do by putting a cost in our control panel.
What is "shared"?
There's situations or dimensions that don't require a dedicated agent to provide Customer Support and while there is no need for your brand they will help others, reducing cost from your final invoice.
What is "dedicated"?
Our most exclusive model of our service, experienced agents who assume a specific service hours only for your brand, with an instant response.
Outsourced or In-House?
Obviously outsourced, there's better costs, results and less issues. We usually reduce departments by 30% and our team's rhythms are always up to 50% higher than internal teams.
Fully outsourced?
Often our best performance is when there is an interlocutor in the internal team who is in charge of transferring updated information to us, solving incidents that we cannot and controlling the quality of our responses.
What response speed is more suitable for me?
This is up to you, we can go very fast or a bit slower, depends on the quality and dedication you want for your customers, as well as the channel and its demands.
Where are you based?
We're in Barcelona, always available for training, project kickoff or face to face follow up meetings if you need it.
What else is included in the offer?
It includes whatever you need, you can even define the needed set up, control and meeting hours and how often you want your service reports.