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Intelligence yes, but not Artificial

Your customer will always want to know there's someone on the other end that empathises with their experiences and issues.
What is /

What is

We are a Customer Service innovation HUB. With over 6 years of experience we've created a layer of Tech and AI that empowers our agentes and creates an improved experience for your customers.

We work on the training of our agents from our School and we give them superpowers with our Tech layer.

"Your next callcenter, is not a callcenter"
Power to the people  /

Power to the people

Our agents are in the centre of everything we do, we work the customer's self-service, we train from our School about everything learnt on these 6 years and we empower the support with a layer of Tech that reduce operational stress and response times.

That's why we always have better customer satisfaction rates even when we drastically reduce costs without planning offshore like the rest of Call Centres. We're Made in Barcelona and the whole team is here.

Richard Branson

«La gente olvidará lo que has dicho, lo que has hecho, pero no cómo les has hecho sentir».
of customers prefer to interact with a human
of customers prefer to interact with a human
of customers will not call if they have an instant response
Service + Tech + School /

Service + Tech + School

Service: Externalizamos toda o parte de tu asistencia digital con nuestros agentes con superpoderes para apoyarte en momentos pico o en idiomas o horarios complicados.

Tech: mejoramos la capa técnica para que se puedan incorporar todos los datos a las decisiones de los agentes y a los informes que necesitas para tomar decisiones.

School: formamos en excelencia de atención y en plataformas técnicas a los agentes que trabajarán en el soporte e incluso a los tuyos si lo necesitas.

"Having the best people help, giving them the right technologies ROCK!"


1. We choose humans over bots.

2. The response doesn't need to intimidate, but it needs to be fast.

3. Invest in your agents, retain your customers.

4. The conversation and omni-channel platform.

5. Favouring self -service and automations.

¡TOP Customer Experience!

+Special schedules, - Always available, weekends, bank holidays, campaigns, service peaks…
+Conversational platform - What's important is to still be there even if they change channel.
variable, shared and dedicated depending on your needs.
+Reporting & Data
Full reports and analytics about any data you want.
Chat, Social Media, Whatsapp, Marketplaces, Backoffice.
+Tech out-of-the-box
Intermediate layer of intelligence for the agents.
We give superpowers to our agents but we can also give them to yours if needed.
+Constant improvement
Real-time control platform and service improvement-
Years of knowledge and innovation in the Customer Service sector
clients improve their customer's satisfaction thanks to our experience
Average days to start service to a brand
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