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More payment methods, more customers

More payment methods, more customers /
Offering various payment methods in e-commerce businesses is becoming one more way to get new customers and transform visits into purchases. From the credit or debit card we have come to have several payment methods such as PayPal, Klarna or virtual cards.

It is true that credit or debit cards are still the most popular, but the alternatives are coming strong. Options like PayPal are usually already in place and customers fully trust the company. It is estimated that, of the users who use electronic wallets, un 77% of users use PayPal for their purchases over the Internet, mainly because it allows purchases to be made without the need to share personal data.

In recent years, options such as Klarna have also been implemented, which allows payments in instalments, a preference that has gained strength for high-value purchases. On the other hand, applications like Bizum or Venmo, which allow fast transfers, are becoming increasingly used forms.

We cannot forget about virtual wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay or virtual cards, which are becoming more and more popular. In general, the use of one payment method or another depends in part on the age of the buyer. In Spain, a large part of the growth of virtual cards is due to their use by millennials, where almost half, 47%, have tried them.