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Let's chat

Let's chat /
Who has not had doubts while buying in an e-commerce store. Whether they are questions about sizing or shipping costs, customers doubt the same before buying online as they do in physical stores. In a store you ask the clerks, but who are you talking to on the computer?

For e-commerce companies, the easiest solution to help customers is to have a chat. With immediate responses, the customer ensures that their query is resolved before processing the purchase.

But not all chats are the same. It is true that chatbots are fast, but livechats are considered more efficient. While bots are automated responses, livechats imply that there is someone behind the scenes providing human interaction. The numbers show it, 83% of customers prefer to interact through livechat.

Chats not only advise your customers, but also affect the total volume of inquiries that come in from customer service channels. If the answer is solved at the beginning, the client does not need to call or send an email.