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Use WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp /
Traditionally, the phone has been the most used method of asking for help in customer service, but the times have changed. In the same way that consumer habits have evolved towards more online shopping, the channels of contact with companies have multiplied.

From the phone we went to email, from email to chat and now what is coming strong is WhatsApp. Although email is still the most used channel by far, the latest Zendesk report shows an exponential increase in the use of WhatsApp as a contact method, un 370% growing 370% in a single year to become the fifth most used method.

Not only has the instant messaging application gained momentum, but given the option, more than 75% of users would prefer to resolve their queries via WhatsApp rather than by phone or email. And that's not all, 82% of consumers will spend more with companies that allow them to find answers online without having to contact anyone..

For companies it is a new way to contact customers quickly and efficiently, but many have to set up to satisfy their customers. Only 18% say they are very satisfied with the number of channels that companies offer to get in touch with them.